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The Program Operator should set up a Program Committee in accordance with the provisions of Annex 12 to the Regulation on the implementation of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014.

The Program Committee is composed of five members and must include members from the research community and from significant users of research in both the donor countries and Romania.

Donor States nominate two full members of the Program Committee and alternate members.  Alternate members could replace full members in cases when they cannot attend the meetings or when a case of conflict of interest occurs.

Romania nominates three full members of the Program Committee out of which one is appointed as President, as well as one alternate member.  The Romanian representatives to the Program Committee are chosen based on their experience and expertise in the thematic areas of the Program.

The representatives on the Program Committee carry on the activities starting from the date of Program approval until its completion. The Program Committee is chaired by a representative of Romania, holding the position of President of the Program Committee. The Program Committee is set up at the level of the Program Operator by an Order, signed by the Minister Delegate, where the composition and terms of reference for this committee are established.

The tasks of the Program Committee are the following:

- Approving the selection criteria and the texts of the Calls for Proposals;
- Recommending to the Program Operator which projects to select for funding and final awarding of grants, based on the results of the evaluation;
- Reviewing progress made towards achieving the objectives of the Program;
- Monitoring of the implementation of the Program “Research within Priority Sectors ";
- Reviewing the Program annual reports;
- Reviewing the Program that would facilitate the achievement of its objectives;
- Adoption of the Guidelines for Applicants and the Guide for Evaluators.





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